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Making a statement without saying a word.


Hi. I am Kim the founder of Kim Bainbridge Photography. I am a Dutch photographer living in the northeast of England since 2015. My business is commercial, corporate, and event photography but I also love to create fine art in my spare time.



My interest in photography started when I moved to the UK. I had been traveling for ten years and had thousands of pictures of my adventures. But those pictures were disappointing because they didn’t reflect my memories. Wondering why, I did a few online courses. This piqued my interest and soon after I joined a local beginners course. A monster was created.  I went from one course to another and within a year I was advised to take education further. So I Joined Newcastle College to do a Bachelor of Arts degree. My initial intention was to become a travel photographer, but at the end of the first year of study the Covid pandemic hit the world and we were all forced to study from home. This was the time that I experimented with artificial light and realized that there was so much more to photography than just capturing a moment. By shaping the light I was able to create emotions within a photo. I graduated with a BA Hons with distinction which encouraged me to continue to get a master's degree. During this study, I combined commercial and fine art photography which gave me a distinct style that I try to maintain in my photography today.


As I have experimented with a wide variety of styles and subjects, my knowledge and skills are also widespread. I can shoot astro to macro, candid to still-life, and with ambient light as well with artificial light. But whatever the task might be, I give it my full attention and effort so you will get the pictures that you want. 


since 2017, I have been happily married to Jeff who is not only my greatest critic but also my assistant, chauffeur, prop maker, and sometimes even my model. It is not very often that we spend leisure time together, But we love to be outdoors, pottering in the garden and sometimes we go and have another adventure abroad. 



Newcastle city learning, Celebration of success. runner up 2019

Pink Lady, Food Photography of the Year Award 2022. In first and third place in the student category 

Pink Lady, Food Photography of the Year award 2023. In first and third place in the student category

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