As long as I can remember, my dream was to become an explorer. Travel to new lands, discover tribes and find unknown animals. A life, full of excitement and challenges. Unfortunately, I was a few decades too late because Columbus and Abel Tasman beat me to it.

Therefore, as a compensation, I joined the Dutch army at the age of seventeen. Despite an exciting lifestyle, the urge to travel kept on brewing and after ten years of service, I finally booked myself a ticket to Southeast Asia. A few weeks became a few months and a few months became years. In fact, it was twelve years before I finally found a home base in Newcastle upon Tyne. I had travelled and worked in seventy-four different countries and had taken thousands of pictures. When I finally had the time to look at those photos, I was disappointed in what I saw. These images did not reflect what I had experienced at that time and I wanted to know why. I began to read up about photography and many books, tutorials and online courses followed before I joined a basic photography class. Just like my travel lust, the enthusiasm for photography got out of hand quickly and I decided, with encouragement from my husband and my tutor, to join the BA Photography course at Newcastle College. The first study year was disrupted due to the outbreak of the COVID 19 virus, just when it seemed that I was getting somewhere. Everything came to a standstill. But I worked harder than ever from home and finished my first year with grade 1 for all projects. 

I am enjoying photography and am excited about where it might take me.

If you have a project in mind, please contact me so we can work together.